My Battle With Acne & 5 Tips to Help Alleviate It_003

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Episode 3 of Detoxing with Dani is very near and dear to my heart because it is something that I only recently overcame. After a 4 year struggle with severe cystic acne, I finally found a naturopathic doctor that worked with me to get it resolved. It wasn't easy and it didn't happen on the first try, but Dr. Slezak persevered with me, and together we figured it out. I am beyond excited to say that I was completely acne free before my walk down the isle, and the amount of stress that relieved for me was incredible to say the least. If you have ever dealt with acne you know how absolutely frustrating and heart breaking it is when yet another cream, pill, or dermatologist appointment still leaves you feeling hopeless and broken down. In this podcast I go into the process Dr. Slezak and I took to figure out the root cause of my acne and get rid of it once and for all. As promised, below are before and after pictures of my journey. From the time I started implementing my protocol to when my acne completely cleared was 2 months!!! I started end of April 2017 and by June 2017 (the month of my first bridal shower) my face was completely clear of any zits, blemishes or cystic welts. 

If you are in the Southern California or Santa Cruz and are in need of a good naturopathic doctor, you HAVE to see Dr. Slezak. I am so grateful for him and his passion to help me solve my acne problem. 

March 2017 (Before seeing Dr. Slezak)

August 2017 (No Make-Up)

These are the most recent pictures without any makeup. 


Dr. Slezak:

Southern California

Newport Integrative Health:
(949) 574-4978
1831 Orange Avenue, Suite A
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Santa Cruz 

Santa Cruz Center for Health:
(831) 239-2645
Dr. Michael Slezak
The Center for Health

555 Soquel Ave, Suite 260
Santa Cruz, CA 95062


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