GUEST INTERVIEW | Pelvic Floor Therapy For Hip, Back And Sexual Pain with Laura Meihofer

Today we are talking about the often overlooked muscles of the pelvic floor and how they could be contributing to your back, hip or even sexual pain...

About Laura Meihofer

Laura Meihofer is a passionate human who offers yoga-based solutions to individuals with pelvic floor dysfunction. Pelvic floor dysfunction is often times comprised of one or more of the following complaints; hip, abdominal, pelvic and/or back pain, bowel and/or bladder continence issues, and/or sexual concerns. Laura has a doctorate in physical therapy, an athletic training degree and is a 200-hour registered yoga teacher. Through her diverse training, personal journey and continued passion, Laura has become a thought leader within her community. Her primary vision includes a desire to cultivate community and encourage conversation regarding topics that are typically considered taboo.

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What is the pelvic floor -

Stretches for the hip/pelvic floor

hip flexor -

hamstring -

piriformis -

Yoga Postures for the hip/pelvic floor

happy baby -

bound angle pose -

Diaphragmatic or Deep Breathing

Deep breathing -

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