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My Simplistic Skincare Routine For Post Cystic Acne Skin

Oh skincare routines, there are SO many options these days for skincare. Today I thought I would dive into my current post cystic acne skincare routine. Truth be told, this changes every couple of months. I haven’t found that holy grail skincare routine. I am still very much figuring my skin out since I have been fully healed from cystic acne. Because I finally have my face back! Let’s be real, your face with acne is a whole different ball game. 

I am very conscientious about what kind of ingredients go into my skincare. I try to have the ingredients be as natural and organic as possible. I pretty much want my skincare to have ingredients that I could eat. On the other side of this, there is a fine line on how natural you can go when you are trying to get rid of acne scars. The 100% all-natural, organic, make at home DIY stuff isn't always the answer. For my current skincare routine I am going to explain:

  • What I am using

  • Why I am using it

  • What I am trying to do

  • How I am doing it

I'm starting to learn about ingredients and how they work with each other and what's working for my skin. I may have to do an updated episode in a few months but here's what's working for me now!

I Cleanse My Post Cystic Acne Skin Generally Twice a Day

I say generally because I am not a fanatic with washing my face every single day, twice a day. I really believe that the natural oils in your skin are so much better at nourishing your skin than any moisturizer I could use after I cleanse. On the days where I’m just relaxing and resting (usually self-care Sunday) I will normally take a warm washcloth and wipe down my face with it. It feels SO AMAZING. I don't use any soap or any cleanser, just the lukewarm water to refresh my face. This is what I do on days where I am just hanging out around the house and not planning on putting any makeup on. It feels good to just give your skin a break

Morning Skincare Rourtine.jpg

Day Time Skincare Regimen 

On the other days where I am not just going to be around the house relaxing, I have found a new line of skincare to try. This regimen is called “The Method” and it’s by Lancer Skincare. Candace Burke from Fuller House always talks about Lancer Skincare and she has BEAUTIFUL skin. So I did my research and the products aren’t the cleanest, I mean you aren’t going to eat them (bummer) BUT they aren't that bad either. I decided to give them a try while they were on sale. 

The very first step was an exfoliator, and I thought “okay am I supposed to do this EVERY DAY, twice a day!?” In high school and college when I had acne, I would try to exfoliate and I would end up getting more little bumps. My skin didn’t react well to it at all. BUT I do go see an esthetician every month who I ABSOLUTELY love. (Side note, If any of you are in the Orange County area you have to go see her, DM me for her info!) I asked her what she thought about exfoliating and if she thought my skin could handle it. What she told me was that my skin has changed. Our hair skin and nails actually change every 7 years. They fully turn over so your skin isn’t going to be the same for your entire life. Don’t hold onto what didn’t work for you 7 years ago because it might work for you now. 

She explained to me that my skin is very tough and very thick. I also have very thick sebum oil that produces on my skin. The combination of the two is a recipe for disaster when it comes to clogged pores and blackheads. She told me that I could exfoliate every day and that my skin could handle it. I need to clean the sebum out and cleanse my pores. I also REALLY need to turn over the dead cells because my skin is trying to do this but my sebum is so thick and is clinging to the dead cells instead of turning over. So by NOT exfoliating, I am basically doing myself more harm than good. 

Once she told me that I figured, let me give this skincare a try. I have been using it for about 2 weeks now. It felt so weird to exfoliate, but I am pretty sure it was a mental thing and not a physical thing. My skin is getting so soft and I feel like it's finally being cleansed properly. I start with the exfoliator. And it's very gentle, it's not one of those exfoliators that you can feel scrapping your face. You don’t need to get rough with it, just gently wash your face. The little beads already do their job you don't need to add any more pressure!

After exfoliating I cleanse. During the day, I put on an oil control matte moisturizer from beauty counter.. I LOVE this. When I use this product and then put my makeup on, my makeup doesn't get the oily glistening look halfway through the day. It actually stays looking pretty fresh. I will most likely buy this again.... And if I buy a skincare product AGAIN you know that I like it. I rarely buy the same skincare more than once. That is until I find my holy grail skincare routine, and hopefully, this is it! 


Night Time Skincare Regimen 

I love my night ritual, taking time in the bathroom to wind down and to pamper myself. I take off my makeup with makeup wipes from trader joes, they smell good and they have micellar water in them which really helps to take makeup off. Then I exfoliate and cleanse again. I pat my face dry but leave a little bit of water on it because the water helps your product soak into your skin more. You don't want a bone dry face right before you put on your moisturizer. If your face is dry, just take a little bit of water and sprinkle it on your face before you put your moisturizer on. 

Then I use this Hyaluronic Acid from Dr. Anton. Which is the office that I went to get my micro-needling done. I’ve used other hyaluronic acids before and found that they just sit on your skin, this one soaks in. I really believe its 10x more moisturizing and not just a claim like others I have tried. After that, I put on the moisturizer that I get from my esthetician (a simple moisturizer). 

Then I use the eye cream I got from the lancer skincare line. I normally don't use an eye cream but I like this one so far. I am not one for bags under my eyes but if I can prevent some crows feet I’m fine with that! I give myself a mini lymphatic massage while I am doing it so I tap around my eyes, go up the bridge of my nose, and follow it down towards my mouth. Lymphatic massages help the lymph fluid drain out because our lymphatic system doesn't have a pump to get the liquid moving! It relies on us to do it manually and plus it’s very relaxing.

If I really want to boost my skincare for the night I will mix these oils:





These oils are good for inflammation, scarring, and they smell SO GOOD. I am a scent person, I love natural scents and essential oils. They turn something on in my brain that sparks happy, joy, and relaxation. Besides this skincare routine, I also get a facial every month. All of us deserve to have at least 1 day a month where we can relax and be stress-free. We are all very busy and you need at least a day to regroup.

“Everyone needs a little bit of relaxation and a healing touch”

That is my current skincare routine and what has been working for me. I hope that it helps you and gives you some options to try. Remember that your skin changes every 7 years. So if you are scared to try something that didn't work for you 10 years ago, you may be able to try it again. Exfoliate, Cleanse, Moisturizer, and go about your day. Share this with a friend if they need some tips on treating their post acne-prone skin and DM or email me with any questions!

Today I am sharing my current skincare routine with you all and what I have learned about my skin after healing from cystic acne!

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