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This ONE Amazing Supplement Cleared My Acne For Good!

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I am sure you are wondering “did this ONE supplement really cure her acne?” And the answer is yes! But before you get too excited, I am going to explain to you how I figured out what route to take with this supplement. Within 2 weeks of taking Grapefruit Seed Extract my acne was gone! I still had residual scarring, redness, tenderness, and everything that comes with acne but this supplement addressed the root cause of my acne. I found out that the root cause was a MASSIVE yeast overgrowth in my digestive system. This can happen over time with certain things that we have been eating or when our body can't fight off certain issues as well. But let me tell you, it took me years to figure out that this was the root cause. 

The reason I want to bring up grapefruit seed extract today is a lot of you reached out to me wondering “what is that supplement?” and “where can you get it?”, which is great but here's the thing. This may not be your silver bullet supplement that's going to cure your acne like it is mine. It may be for some of you, but for some, it may not do a single thing because you don't need grapefruit seed extract. You may need..

  • A liver cleanse

  • A gallbladder cleanse

  • To clean up your gut

  • Bacterial imbalance

  • Hormones are out of whack 

I wanted to bring up this topic and explain how I came to this conclusion that this is what my body needed. 

I am not going to get into the entire drawn out years of dealing with acne that I suffered from. I am going to go straight to the “going from doctor to doctor trying to find out why the hell my face, back, chest, and neck were blowing up with cystic acne.” part. I finally bit the bullet and went to a naturopathic doctor and what he ordered for me was a comprehensive stool analysis. This is a very simple test that I think should have been done A LOT sooner than it was. Unfortunately, most medical professionals are concerned with addressing the symptoms, not the root cause. They also treat your body as if it only has one single issue instead of thinking of it as a whole being.


All I had to do for this stool test was get a sample of poop and send it off to the lab. Easy peasy! They looked at the entire microbiology of my gut. Good bacteria, bad bacteria, possible yeast, possible pathogens, and how my body was digesting. It was a great, full analysis. 

The one thing that I loved about this test was that it went a step further after it diagnosed the issue. It would take the species of bacteria or yeast and see what natural remedy, along with prescription medications, would eradicate it. What the test results showed, was that I had a very specific type of yeast (very long medical word, you know how it goes) and the doctor saw that grapefruit seed extract would eradicate it! Which all of the other things I’ve tried before like Nystatin (a medication used for yeast overgrowth which I begged the doctor to prescribe to me!!) just did not work.  And sidenote, those antifungal/anti-yeast medications are NARLEY on your body. But I still took it and nothing happened. Once I received the new recommendation from the doctor, I truthfully thought this was going to be another instance of us chasing our tails in circles trying to find a cure.

Were All of My Hopes and Dreams Fulfilled From This Acne Supplement?

I ended up caving in and trying it because what did I have to lose? He gave me the type of grapefruit seed extract to take, the dosage, and why I needed to get that specific kind (a lot of other companies are putting in crap and fillers, imagine that.) Truthfully, the first week that I took it my skin erupted like a freakin volcano...we were on a vacation with my family and I just remember feeling so gloomy, sad, and depressed, because my skin was breaking out more. We were at a lake house and it was cold for that time of year and I was actually happy that I could just go lay up and watch movies because I was so sad about my skin.

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Looking back now I realize that was the die-off process of the yeast, but the die-off process is INTENSE. You are killing these toxic microbes in your gut and they are giving off toxins. And that is wreaking havoc on your gut health, on your mood, and it is crazy to experience. I went through that for a week… as they say “it's always darkest before the dawn…” that was SO true because I started to see the light. The big cysts were starting to not be as painful, this supplement was naturally clearing my acne.

I swear on all that is holy, my skin finally started to clear up after 14 days. This is the supplement that worked because I was pinpointing the root cause of my acne. 

I Am Now on an Amazing Mission to Help All of You Clear Your Acne!

After seeing how incredible my body can heal, I made it my life goal to spread this information. I want to make sure that every woman that is struggling with acne and has been through all the things, eaten all the things, or not eaten all the things and still has not seen results, pinpoints the root cause. Plain and simple, point blank you have to. That is why I have made this my mission. I have reached out to my mentors and contacts that can get their hands on this test and they are working with me to be able to provide it for you girls! 

I am such a proponent of using the technology and the information that we have. I now know that these are the labs I needed to get done to figure out the best protocol possible. I am SO excited to announce that I am able to bring you guys the test that I utilized to clear up my acne. The real silver bullet in this whole scenario was getting the stool microbial analysis done and really understanding what the hell was going on with my body.

So if this sounds like you, and you are someone that is struggling with this and you realize holy crap this is what I need. If you believe the root cause of your acne is stemmed in your gut/something inside is not right, please reach out to me. I have the resources and want to help you overcome this miserable time you are having with your skin. You don’t have to try to downplay it because I know acne sucks, but acne is a sign that something else is going on. Acne is a symptom that something much much bigger is going on in your body

I am so passionate about this and all I want to do is reach every single woman that I can and help them clear their skin. I highly recommend a comprehensive stool test, without it I would still be jumping from supplement to supplement to try and clear it. Send me a DM on Instagram @detoxingwithdani, Facebook, send me an email If you want to be finished suffering from your acne, please reach out to me you beautiful souls. And if you know anyone else that is struggling with acne, share this with them as well so we can finally find the root cause of it.

Today I am spilling the beans about the ONE supplement that literally cleared my cystic acne, I had been struggling with for over 2 years, in just 2 weeks!

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