How To Find Growth and Self Love After a Devastating Break Up with Kendra Allen

On today’s episode we have Kendra Allen, the creator and founder of Break up bestie. is a  blog is about HEALING. This will not get you over your ex in 28 days, this blog is to help give you the tools to heal in your own time. It’s to help you realize that whatever you’re feeling right now is totally normal. It’s to help you realize that there’s no good reason to text your ex, call your ex, and definitely not to stay friends with your ex. It’s to help you grow while you’re single and get to know yourself intimately as a person again. It’s to help you heal through the pain, the resentments, and the potential emotional bruises your ex left you with so when you do come across your soulmate you’re ready for them.

Connect with Kendra on IG: @yourbeakupbestie


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