Lauren, 24, Recent College Grad & Career Driven

Hi my name is Lauren and like many people I’ve had a pretty difficult relationship with food. I’d eat too much and then I’d feel sad and ashamed and I’d counteract that with eating too little. People would rave when I’d lose the weight asking what diet I was on, the truth was a mixture of shame, guilt and anxiety. 

With the help of Dani, I have been on a journey to try and change the way I view nutrition and weight loss. In working with Dani, she has shifted my perspective on how food can impact your mood, your overall well being and yes, even how your clothes fit. Dani has been there every step of the way to answer questions such as “what’s the deal with this mushroom trend? 

“Butter in coffee?” 

“Are there foods that help with anxiety?”

And let me tell you, friends - I am lucky for a friend, coach and nutritionist like Dani. I don’t think I could have started and continued this journey without her! 

Karen, Stay at Home Mom to 3 Boys

Before working with Dani, I had 3 main problems I wanted to address:
Consistency in weight loss and making it a lifestyle instead of a constant diet.
Trusting my body/mind telling me what to eat
Feeling guilty, sad, frustrated that I didn’t love my body

As I worked with Dani she helped me understand that food provides an energy to my body and how to fuel my body properly so I feel in control of what I eat. She also helped me implement new routines into my like such as keeping a journal so I can have a place to get my feelings out. Through this I was able to see some of my deeper issues with food and why I ate the way I did. She also helped me learn how to love my body and enjoy life again.

Dani has since helped me maintain my weight loss in a healthy manner. I no longer feel the weight of shame/guilt around food anymore. I can smile and love life. My soul feels happy, clothes fit better and I am a better person to my family now because of the help Dani was able to provide.

Karen, 36, Entrepreneur & Business Owner

I came to Dani earlier this year to help me figure out why I’ve been dealing with lethargy and brain fog so severely for years. I felt great when I was on a Whole30, but awful when not, and I was tired of bouncing back and forth between extreme restriction and feeling miserable. Dani stepped in and began working with me in such an authentically caring way, that I felt total confidence in handing over my health to her. She put me on a regimen of supplements (I’ve never seen anyone more knowledgeable about supplement brands), and we had a system to keep me accountable as we slowly identified which foods were making me miserable. This low-key nutrition relationship changed my view of what is like to “see a nutritionist”. Instead of being a transactional meeting that takes place in an office, I enjoyed our casual check-ins — it felt more like I was catching up with a friend.

After a couple of months working with her, I feel like I have finally found a sustainable eating lifestyle where I have energy and can get through my day without feeling like I need to hibernate. This is a game changer for me, and I finally feel in control of my own health. If you’re feeling lost as to what foods are making you feel miserable, or make your skin breakout, or are just all around creating chaos, talk to Dani. I’m so incredibly grateful I did.